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Yeah, you love your family. Yes, you want pretty pictures, but can we just say enough with all the perfectionism and just have fun? I want to revolutionize what you think photo sessions should be like. Enough with the boring & stuffy. Bring on the fun! Are you with me?


SouthEastern Wisconsin family and newborn photographer


Your friendly neighborhood lady cop with a love for sunsets, diet coke, and my child dog, Dennis. I'm a Southeastern Wisconsin Photographer located in Oak Creek, WI and hellbent on making my sessions full of genuine happiness and joy.  My sessions aren't your average emo storytelling photo sessions so buckle up buttercup, this will be one hell of a ride!


oh & this handsome guy is dennis

"What I like most about Kate is that she makes the sessions feel like you’ve known her for ages, as if she’s been a family friend forever. She has an ease about her that makes you instantly comfortable as subjects of photography and somehow she’s able to capture gorgeous family photos regardless of how wild/silly your child/ren may be." -Miranda

Life is too short to just get the same "smile at the camera" shot and call it a day year after year. My goal is to get that photo out of the way (you're welcome Grandmas everywhere) and then let loose and let the real moments unfold. Let's get that adorable belly laugh from your kids and capture photos of your real connection as a family. Look your people in the eyes and take a moment to just be glad they're yours. Dance with the love of your life while your kids lose their ever loving minds.That's real, right?. What will you want to see when you look back at this season of life? Perfection or connection? I think I know the answer and I work my booty off to make sure we get just that. You can let go of all expectations and just be YOU!

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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -dorothea lange

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